The Importance Of Family Structures

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If the family is the genesis of all of our struggles with self, then the family should be where solutions are fostered and created. In each of the three films, Educating Rita, Step Mom, and On Golden Pond, the catalyst of change is used to force each family to make important steps towards changing how each family is structured. On display are narratives that are continuously playing on repeat for many families in the present, proving that each family’s desire to live more balanced outweighs the baggage that can be carried from one family structure to the next. Balance, and its uniqueness across family structures, means that each family functions differently, and that conflict is merely a symptom indicating that the family isn’t in cohesion, or adapting to new developmental situations. Taking into account the family presents their struggles, their adaptability to change, and their emotional unions with each other, we can better predict how a family is connected and what can be done to bring them together in a healthy, more balanced way. Susan, from Educating Rita, and Chelsea, from On Golden Pond, both participate in family…show more content…
While the children remain invested in keeping their parents happy, each parent is instead devoted to their own viewpoint to not make the changes necessary for balance to occur. While Luke tries to make Isabel a part of the family pushing for balance and understanding in any capacity he is met with resistance from Jackie. The children look to their mother for reassurance that roles aren’t being reassigned, and that Jackie can’t be replaced as their mother. Still angry that he has seemingly tried to replace her in the eyes of their children, Jackie doesn 't know that by involving her daughter in unnecessary competitions with Isabel puts a strain on what was already a really difficult relationship to

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