The Importance Of Fame

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Fame- We don't always feel comfortable admitting it to our friends; it's embarrassing, but secretly the idea of being famous has great appeal. Fame seems to be the solution to so many problems. When you're famous, people will make way for you in crowds. You'll get warm smiles from admiring strangers. You'll be safe from rejection. You won't have to explain who you are at each new occasion. People will be convinced by you before you even meet them. If ever you're unhappy about something, your complaints will be taken very seriously. Your happiness becomes the focus of everyone's effort. You'll be boss.

The intense desire for fame probably has its roots in the experience of neglect, in injury. No one would want to be famous who hadn't also
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Social media hasn't helped; it's made it far easier than before to be famous, and therefore by necessity, far easier to be hated.

The minor celebrity can now regularly face all of vitriol previously accorded only to Hollywood stars. Psychologically, the famous are of course, the very last people on earth to be well equipped to deal with what they are going through. After all, they only became famous because they were wounded, because they had thin skin, because they were, in some respect, a bit ill.

And now, far from compensating them adequately for the disease, fameaggravates it exponentially. Strangers voice their negative opinions in detail, unable or simply unwilling to imagine that famous people bleed far more quickly than anyone else. They might even think the famous aren't listening; that one wouldn't become famous if one didn't suffer from a compulsion to listen too
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The very concept of a hurt celebrity is a joke about as moving for the average person as the sadness of a tyrant.

To sum up, fame really just means you get noticed a great deal, not that you get understood, appreciated or loved.

At an individual level, the only mature strategy is to give up on fame. The aim that lay behind the desire for remains important; one does still want to be appreciated and understood. But the wise person accepts that celebrity does not actually provide these things. Appreciation and understanding are only available through individuals one knows and cares about, not via groups of a thousand or million strangers.

There is no shortcut to friendship, which is what the famous person is, in effect seeking.

For those who are already famous, the only way to stay sane is to stop listening to what the wider world is saying. This applies to the good things as much as the bad. It's best not to
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