The Importance Of Fairy Tales?

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In a child’s early life, hearing or reading fairy tales is an extremely important aspect of expanding their imagination. In these fairy tales, children can use their minds to paint a picture and create a reality that only their eyes can see. It is said the “original” fairy tales, like those from the Brothers Grimm, were too explicit for a child’s mind, and that a “happier” fairy tale would do the job better. It is also said that these fairy tales are appropriate because they display honest and real life situations. Although the “original” fairy tales were great and legendary in their time, children today should not be exposed to these darker fairy tales at an early age, and instead should be exposed to the more “sanitized” fairy tales because…show more content…
They cause the mind to go off into a place where the child is actually with the characters, and not just reading about them. Having and creating a healthy mind involves several aspects. One should not expect their child to gain anything positive from a violent and evil fairy tale, except fear. Fear will not teach the child how to deal with or handle their problems. A contemporary fairy tale will teach them how to deal with their problems without scaring the children that heard or read these fairy tales. English writer G.K Chesterton stated, “Fairy tales do not tell children that dragons exist. Children already know that dragons exist. Fairy tales tell children that dragons can be killed.” (Taylor, Melissa). Learning to deal with problems helps build a healthy and stable mind. Along with learning to deal with problems, children learn to read better as well. By them reading the more modern fairy tales, one book won’t suffice and they will want to read another one. Also it will cause them to explore what they are reading more and expand their knowledge on the subject. Like if a child is reading about dragons and are intrigued, then they will go read more about these dragons and start to open a whole new world of possibilities of what they could learn (“Influence of Fairy Tales on Life”). If the fairy tale scares the child, then there is no way they are going to want to pick up another one. So consequently, when you read a child the darker fairy tales, the knowledge growth is slowed down and that is unhealthy for their
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