The Importance Of Fairy Tales

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Literature has always been a part of society. Some is deemed superior to others and have unique, artistic merit. Some is read as adolescents. A large portion of literature for growing children is fairy tales. Modern fairy tales are about Alice falling down a rabbit hole, into Wonderland, or Dorothy traveling to Oz. The old classics are Cinderella and her glass slipper, or the adventures of Peter Pan in Neverland. Fairy tales are extremely popular around the world. Statistics show that over two-hundred million people watch fairy tale based films per year, whether it's at home or in theaters. About twelve million of them purchase the soundtrack. The new Disney princess film, Frozen, made over three-hundred million dollars in the United States box office alone. After including overseas profits, the film made over seven-hundred million dollars, demonstrating that fairy tales are still a big aspect of children's lives.
Fairy tales are one of many ways to teach young children how to behave when they grow up. It teaches them to follow their dreams and express themselves. Fairy tales affect children's developing brains in the strangest ways. They inspire children to be and act like heroes. The options are endless. Children can be anything they want to be. Little girls can be beautiful princesses and little boys can be fearless princes. Imaginations run wild. The entire world is in their hands. But as they run away with their imaginations of magnificent lions and legendary wizards, their innocence diminishes because of the brutality displayed. The reality is that fairy tales aren't as sweet as we think they are. For this reason, parents are doubtful about reading fairy tales to their children. As society shift towards a era of fairy tales...

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...en to understand. Rumpelstilskin allowed his excessive pride to get the best of him, leading to his destruction. Rapunzel was kidnapped because her parents stole an old witches cabbages. Poor Rapunzel, but the story asserts that there are consequences and rewards to all your actions. Little Red Riding Hood teaches kids not to talk to strangers. Society frowns upon arrogance. Pride is good, but excessive pride comes off as arrogance. Rapunzel's entire life change due to the actions of her parents. Society is always saying "think before you act" because Rapunzel's situation is exactly what they're trying to avoid. Little Red Riding Hood is simply giving an example of what can happen when a child talks to strangers. The way the issue was a approached as not the kind that society would approve of, but it give a realist view to children rather than hiding half the truth.
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