The Importance Of Factor X By Francis Fukuyama

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According to Francis Fukuyama, he argues that technology will soon make us to rethink our definition of humans. Using the trait ‘Factor X’ to coin the essential trait that people have as leverage or protection from the norm. So the question then becomes what do you consider to be Factor X? I consider the fact that the top 1% of people in this country has access and privileges to some things that the rest of us don’t, many such as health, medicine, education and influence and also protection. Medicine and health is one of the many subjects that separates us. With much of the wealth that these people have, they have access to more than the average person. For instance Magic Johnson and his fight with aids for twenty years. Money played a great factor in that seeing as how 18,000 people die annually the not so fortunate people might not have the means or the ability to afford medication or the care that they desperately need. The high price of medication also proves the drastic difference. Recently a life-saving infection pill was increased from $13.50 to a whopping $750!. This just goes to show you the drastic opportunities that people with…show more content…
One of the many perks of having a lot of money is being able to donate to political campaigns and/or politicians, most of the time they are in a position to make a policy or law. This can get them laws and bills passed to be in favor of them or their businesses. For example the top 1% was responsible for a quarter of all political donations in 2010, and in turn for all of that generosity they are essentially buying special favors. The wealthy business companies also send a lobbyist over to Washington to lobby or sway lawmakers in Washington to pass certain laws that could help their company make the most money possible. They would have more Factor X than the normal person or even business owner, who otherwise wouldn’t be able to affect the world in such a way or laws for that
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