The Importance Of Face To Face Communication

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Communication is an essential part of the world’s population in order to get in touch with one another. Simply “getting in touch” is not the simplest way of putting it. Our world that we live in today, the population is generally moving away from the classic face to face conversation, to conversing through new forms of technology such as phones and social media. We live in what is known as a digital nation, this digital nation is what makes up the more standardized forms of communication. We all converse with each other. This being said, there are many different forms of communication and how we use these tools and techniques to get around personal problems and avoiding arguments. Face to face communication, calling, texting, or social media…show more content…
Face to face communication has always been the basis of communicating with one another. Before the internet, cell phones, and other forms of cyber communication, face to face and written communication were the only methods of communicating. In regards to face to face communication, this is the most effective and elaborate form of talking to someone. By meeting this person in the same area and talking to them face to face you are able to see more than just the person, and are able to hear more than just words. When talking to someone who is physically in front of you, this enables you to see the reaction they have when you say something. Non-verbal communication and body language is something you cannot hear over the phone, and often this is very important regarding communication. If a person lies to you or says something that you feel is not the whole truth, then a majority of the time you are able to see it in their…show more content…
This is a nation, where most people are on some form of social media. Social media allows people to talk to a large audience and include many people in a conversation at the same time. This can save time by eliminating face to face meetings and allowing many people to be informed about the same topic all together. People are able to face-time people, have group chats, or even tag people all in the same email or post on social media. But what about when the words you have to say are embarrassing or personal towards a person? Posting on social media, can greatly damage a person’s feeling of self-worth as the information could be very sensitive. Others can use this form of communication, to do something that is otherwise hard to do, for example, breaking up in a relationship with another person. While this makes it easy for you to do, it also makes it hard for the other person to get the questions they have answered, making them feel as if they are not worth the time to be spoken to in person. Things said in social media, can be misconstrued due to the fact that you are not able to see that body language, eye movement, and contact that you see when you are face to face. Even if you face time a person “this is being able to see the person through your computer or mobile device”, you are still not able to grasp the importance of the situation. Social media, an art of technology that is embraced by the young as well as the
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