The Importance Of Expo 67

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The primary source selected (Insert citation here) directly shows the location and attractions of Expo 67. For instance, one can see many different pavilions such as the Canadian Pavilion, Katimavik which is a nine-story inverted pyramid or the US pavilion which is the giant glass sphere. The source indirectly reveals the magnitude of the event, since there are many pavilions each connected to nations participating in the event. Furthermore, one can see the roads and bridges that were connected to the mainland that were built specifically for Expo 67. The world exhibition of 1967, was hosted by Canada to celebrate the country’s centennial. This essay will further explain: why exactly Expo 67 so significant and the insights and ideas from Expo 67 that can be taken into the future. Expo 67 took place in Montréal, Québec and was located on two man-made islands in the St. Lawrence River, Ile Sainte-Helene and Ile Notre-Dame. The Expo ran from April 28th until the…show more content…
The background cause and context of Expo 67 was crucial to the success of the event, due to the uniqueness of Expo 67 as it celebrated the hosting country’s advancements and centennial, the collaborative efforts of different Canadians and the large cost allowed the creation the amazing attractions. The event itself, was highly successful, attracted millions of tourists to Canada and displayed Canada’s advancements. Expo 67 also, sparked the sovereigntist movement, positively impacted Canada and strengthened Canada’s reputation. Expo 67, unlike other events, is significant as it directly relates to modern-day Canada, as the country is approaching the 150th anniversary. Through analysis of Expo 67, Canadians can compare the progression of this nation from 50 years ago. From the 1967 world exhibition, one can learn the importance of international events on a country since it promotes the country to the world in a unique way, and increased national

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