The Importance Of Exercise

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Exercise is an activity that requires physical effort, carried out to sustain or improve health and fitness (, 2014). The general public know exercise is good for the body both mentally and physically, but may not know its importance. This essay is going to make known the advantages of exercise and the level of significance it has on the human body. Equally, it will suggest to what extent the state should ensure its citizens exercise frequently using 3 different case studies. The countries used will be the USA, UK and Nigeria. These 3 countries were chosen because Nigeria is a developing country and the USA and UK are developed. However the UK and USA are handling the importance of physical activity differently. Therefore, different scenarios are shown and a comparison can be made between the three countries on how far the government goes to ensure its people exercise regularly. Frequent exercise is necessary for good health and physical fitness. Several health risks can be reduced due to frequent exercise such as; heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure and diabetes. It can make your overall appearance better, help slow down your aging process and also boost your confidence. Thus, the level of importance of regular physical activity is very important and government should play a role in ensuring its citizens exercise regularly however only to an extent.

Frequent exercise comes with benefits. Firstly physical activity can cause a person to loose weight. In recent years experiments have been done to support the claim that exercise helps a person loose weight. Nevertheless those experiments have shown that exercise alone does not ensure rapid weight loss but can help with maintaining weight (Day, J. 2014)....

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...and the “ Get a life- Get Active” in the UK (, 2014). At the moment Nigeria’s physical activity promotions are fragmented so they can learn from the UK and USA and start campaigns to encourage people to exercise more. Also Nigeria should be able to provide activities for all schools not just the private schools.

To conclude, all three governments and its citizens play a role in ensuring frequent exercise. This seems to be because you cannot force the people in its country to exercise everyday. However the government should make an emphasis on how important to participate in frequent physical activity. It is not only the government, its also the people should acknowledge the little bit the government is doing and start exercising frequently. In addition, they should educate people on the benefits of frequent exercise, so people are likely to do it.
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