The Importance Of Executive Coaching

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In my opinion I feel that to be successful, you truly need to line up people around you who are willing to coach and mentor you. It is also a good look for you to be seen as a coach and mentor in the society we live in today. I see this as an excellent way to always have feedback and direction to help reach objectives and succeed to levels of excellence. I believe that the youth coming out of high School and college have no clue of what to expect in the real world, so by giving them life lessons and mentoring tips, they will be more prepared on to what to expect when life actually hits.
I have gone out of my way to reach out and ask people to mentor me in different areas of my life. Coming out of high school I have lost some mentors and gained
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Since I found this important in my own career and life, I was able to soak it in and pull out the best tips.
According to Joan Caruso in “The Evolution of Executive Coaching”, executive coaching is taking its rightful place in organizations as an invaluable tool to develop and ensure leadership excellence. Interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence have become key components in judging a leader’s effectiveness. A manager’s effectiveness is no longer based solely on results, but also on process skills and relationships. All three components need to be on the developmental chart and receive relevant emphasis as needed.
Jennifer Popovec in “Management Matters” emphasized that mentoring has changed from another word for training to building long-term relationships to help young people excel both personally and professionally. Mentoring is for someone who really wants to help someone develop to the next level, and you can’t separate the personal from the professional. Mentoring usually ends up as a form of training or coaching because it is easier than investing part of you in another person’s successes and
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Coaches help the coachees become new observers with the goal of helping them get to the place they want to be from where they currently are. There are two key elements of coaching, discovery and alignment. Discovery is the stage where the coachee has to discover his/her operating assumptions and beliefs. Alignment is where the coach helps the coachee to understand his/her standards, objectives, goals, and purpose and align them to those of the organization’s and ultimately helps the individual integrate the two operating
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