The Importance Of Euthanasia

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“An individual’s interest in self-determination and bodily integrity includes the right to refuse life-saving treatment even when this hastens the dying process” (Connelly, 1998 p.197). For this reason, euthanasia or “good death” refers to the taking of a human life is merciful and that all human beings are entitled to end their lives when they seem fit (Ho & Chantagul 2015 p. 252). Euthanasia is beneficial for a patient who has suffered long enough by choosing the right to a good death, when they die, and the right to end their suffering. A person can exercise their first amendment constitutional rights by choosing their right to die. According to the first amendment, one has the right to freedom of speech. With this in mind, there are four…show more content…
“About 83% considered euthanasia as an option for themselves if terminally ill and in pain or having other physical problems” (Roelands & Van den Block, Geurts, Deliens, Cohen, 2015 p 143). With the wish to hasten death, individuals experience “loss of bodily functions, control, and meaning of life the wish to hasten death as a way of putting an end to suffering and regaining some control over one’s life” (Monforte-Roys, Sales, & Balaguer 2015, p 1). By the same token, Fieser (2015, p 3) discusses the “two death theory” which explains the fact that the body goes through two deaths. The first death is the death of the brain leaving the individual in a persistent vegetative state. In addition to the first death, the body goes through a second death, the death of the actual body. Ho and Chantagul (2015, p 255) concluded, those patients who exist in a persistent vegetative state and kept alive by artificial means and those patients while conscious, are incapacitated and in pain, confined to bed and kept alive by artificial means for weeks, months, and years. The life-ending process has been delayed due to pain and suffering of an individual. While the individual has the right to choose when they die, they also have the right to discontinue

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