The Importance Of Eucalyptus

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In the course of the last several years, the frequency of multi-drug resistant infections and diseases has increased in both hospitals and the community. Certain diseases that are appearing to be untreatable are starting to occur within developing countries and the United States (Cohen, 1992). The increasing frequency of multi-drug resistant infections can be attributed to the overuse of antibiotics. By overusing an antibiotic, a microbe is able to adapt to its’ environment and change in ways that enable it to survive while in the presence of an antibiotic (Levy, 2002). In light of evidence of the rapid global spread of multi-drug resistant infections and diseases, the need to find new antimicrobial agents is of importance. For thousands of years, natural products have been used in traditional medicine all over the world and predated the introduction of antibiotics and other modern drugs (Khan et al., 2009). Eucalyptus is a diverse genus of trees in the family Myrtaceae. Of the more than 700 species that comprise this genus, most are native to Australia. Eucalyptus species are well ...
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