The Importance Of Ethics On Ethics

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Ethics is a philosophical issue that is controversial today. Ethics recommends, systemizes, and defines the concepts of right and wrong behavior in our society. One’s ethics can raise the question, “What is the correct way to live in our society?” It investigates what is considered good or bad. Ethics resolves questions over human morality that ultimately dictates what is wrong or right. It does it’s best to explain what evil and good actions for human beings may look like. Many people view good moral actions interchangeably with ethics. Many argue that ethics is adherence to religious beliefs, society laws and other society guidelines. In general, ethics is adherence to societal guidelines and order that incorporates most aspects of our lives. Ethical human beings are those who do not intentionally harm other human beings.
The degree of judging what is right from wrong is usually determined by a set of principles and guidelines. These principles and guidelines vary in different societies. These standards help with regulating a
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Death punishment is murder which aims at punishing wrongdoers in the society. Death punishment is part of justice offered in courts though it has brought a debate among various human rights bodies. Killing for no reason is what is wrong. Evidently, not every murder case is wrong for it incorporates death punishments that wrong doers face. However, the religion is all against the fact that human beings should kill others. In the scriptures, man was created equal and no one has the right to terminate life of an individual. Every individual deserves the opportunity to live as life is precious but penalties are ultimately allowed in the judicial system. The conclusion is true if the premise is true, in this case, the murder is wrong and thus thus the conclusion is true. This is a sound and valid
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