The Importance Of Ethics In Business

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An ethical business person is one who does the right thing no matter what the situation. Ethics to me is a set of rules that advise how one must live their life, in an ethical manner. Business to me is something people engage in in order to obtain resources for them and their loved ones. As an ethical businessperson, these two things should go side by side. One who has high moral standards should be able to uphold their moral standards in the business world. They should be able to uphold these standards not just in the work that they do but they should also be able to do it when it comes to life outside of work. In my first paper that I wrote for this class, I wrote that I wanted the role of my career was to provide for my family. This can be true but only to a certain extent. I would never do something illegal in my business…show more content…
I say this because most of the time when making a moral decision, I relied a lot on what was going to produce the most good for the greatest number of people. One example of when I use utilitarianism is the example of my co-worker keying the car. I feel that telling someone about my co-worker’s action, would be the best moral decision. By doing this everyone in the office is affected in a positive way, and it produces the greatest good for the greatest number of people. A negative about doing this will be that I will lose my co-workers trust. That could affect the way I’m perceived around the office, they might be scared to tell me something confidential because they might feel that I will throw them under the bus. However, as long as I’m being true to my moral values, I will be happy with the decision I make. By producing the most good for the greatest number, I feel I am doing a better deed. I am pretty consistent of using utilitarianism as my moral reasoning when faced with moral
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