The Importance Of Ethical Leader

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Mrs. Mosier believes that her confidence has seen the biggest change during her professional career. She states,” For instance, I have been with several companies and I was probably a little more tentative in my first move to Tredegar than I am today”. She has become more confident in her abilities which made her more confident as a leader. Her increase in confidence has allowed her to successfully improve talent in multiple companies, and trust the guidelines she uses when choosing leaders to work for her. Mrs. Mosier looks for people that can demonstrates good problem solving skills, communication skills, and integrity. She needs employees that are able to receive instruction and work without her supervision. She needs people that do not get frazzled when an issues presents itself and there isn’t a “by the book” way of fixing it. “Every solution is not always prescribed”, she stated. Her…show more content…
Ethical leaders are moral-based leadership and the application of leadership in a moral context. Brown, Trevino, and Harrison created the criteria of an ethical leader. First, ethical leaders respect the dignity of others. The best career advice Mrs. Mosier ever received was to treat others the way you want to be treated. As a CFO she believes it is important to remember that the decisions she makes may positively/negatively impact people. She stated, “that your associates/co-workers are people just like you and you should always treat them with respect and honesty – the way you would expect to be treated”. Serving others is also a trait that defines ethical leadership. IN business, serving others can be seen as a leader who uses their authority to support and develop others, which happens to be what Mrs. Mosier is the most proud of. Lastly, ethical leaders must have honesty and integrity. Mrs. Mosier has been successful because she preaches trust and surrounds herself with people that are honest and have high

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