The Importance Of Ethical Dilemmas In Nursing

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Medical professionals are routinely confronted with ethical situations. Dilemmas occur when a decision between two undesirable choices has to be made. Yet, the presented options do not yield to be the perfect solution due to the possible unwarranted consequences. The purpose of this paper is to show the audience the ethical dilemma that this nurse has seen in her practice.
Ethical Narrative
Short staff in nursing is a never-ending concern that can be found in any hospital level, may it be in a community hospital or in a teaching medical center. In University of Chicago’s transplant unit, the burden of work load is felt by the staff nurses. This unit re-opened about a year and a half ago with most of its staff consisting of new graduate nurses. The care delivery design of this unit is promoting primary care delivery, where registered nurses directly provide all levels of care, from toileting needs to passing medications (Duffield, Roche, Diers, Catling-Paull, & Blay, 2010, p. 2243)
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According to Kantian ethical philosophy (2014), actions are warranted to be ethical if the right motive is proposed (Pence, 2014 p. 11). In this situation, the intention of the staff is to tell the truth about the lack of human resources in the unit. Ensuring optimal number of nurses per shift, allows safe nursing ratio to certify that delivery of quality care is not compromised. Furthermore, American Nurses Association is a governing nursing body that upholds the ethical nursing standards. One of its ethical code provisions is the nurse’s responsibility of promoting patient safety (American Nurses Association, 2015). A feature of quality nursing care is when errors are prevented, such as zero falls or lack of inaccurate medication administration. Integrity of the profession is preserved if ideal number of staff were available, because the health care providers are not in a rush to assess, pass treatments, and

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