The Importance Of Ethical Code

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The ethical code process can help me clarify for myself my ethical principles. For me, I have my own opinions to decide what I should do and what I should not do. All of them made up my world view, value view, and life view. There are two main ways that my ethical come from. The first is my parents, my teachers, and my friends told me. The second is my own life experience taught me. Such as never make a promise what I cannot achieve, do my best to avoid to harm others, and if I am able to help others, just do it.
I will strive to be honest with others, no matter whether I know them or not.
I will strive to communicate with my friends frankly. As far as possible to show who I am and not hide the real self.
I will keep
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For example, once I promised my friend to study together in his house, but the weather in that day was really bad because a heavy rain. However, I kept the promise and overcome the difficult. Finally, we had a nice day.
I will not cheat in the important exam, paper, and research. For example, once one of my friend want me help him cheating in the final exam, but I reflect him. Because it goes against my ethical
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I believe that when people drive, he not only need to be responsible for himself but also for other public people. If people do more pay all attention on traffic at that time, the probability of occurrence of traffic accidents will be greatly improved. Therefore, when I was driving, I seldom speak with my passengers, not to mention drinking and using a mobile phone

Professional ethics
I do not allow my employees to have any illegal behavior. Compliance with the law is the basic obligation of every citizen. If a man does not do the most basic point, he also lost the basic bottom line of life.
I will not use some unethical methods to compete with my competitors. Reasonable competition is the driving force of social progress. Poor competition allowed only short-term benefits, but the long-term development is very negative. This is the kind of damage the interests of others, and their actions also detrimental themselves.
I will not blame my colleague 's fault in his back. If this fault can be corrected, I will point out before him. If you this fault cannot put right, I will comfort and encourage him instead of laughing at him.
If I can 't finish my work, I will not finish it to be there just make up the number. Because the quality of results is more important than the complete the
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