The Importance Of Ethical Agility

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Ethical agility is the ability to use all four ethical lenses, responsibilities, relationships, results, and reputation, and the center perspective. Someone can become more ethical agile by looking at the world through different ethical lenses, becoming more aware of the situations that tempt you to be unethical, and asking the key questions that define each ethical perspective. Each ethical lens has a unique perspective on how solve a problem and the specific characteristics of the most appropriate solution to the problem. Ethical agility is the first step towards ethical maturity, a process of becoming more self-aware and learning how to move throughout our communities and relationships with others. One indicator of ethical maturity is…show more content…
I believe that what I know and do is right and are surprised when others don’t agree with my beliefs. By failing to notice that I cannot always be right, I may adopt a “my way or the highway” approach to ethical decision making. When working with others, I will have a tendency to demand that others make the same choices as I would and will judge them based on their ability to live up to the standards I have created for myself. • My double standard is excusing myself from following the rules, as I judge others by their adherence to my own principles. When tempted to be unethical, I will provide excuses to justify not following my own values. I will try to convince myself that the rules need to be followed by others, or that my actions meet my values, even though my ethical judgment says they do not. • My vice is allowing pride and vanity to make you judgmental and legalistic that may turn unethical choices into new habits. Due to my preference for rationality, I am susceptible to pride and vanity. I am at risk to become judgmental and legalistic, and certain that you are better than others. By preferring autonomy, I am making myself susceptible to the vices of anger and untrustworthiness. I can become rigid in finding my meaning of the truth, and can be quick to label others as unethical if they are not living up to the standards I believe they should strive to
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