The Importance Of Ethic And Moral Leadership In Higher Leadership

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As a current student who’s ultimate goal is to become an administrative work in higher education, our interview was conducive in learning the daily challenges of ethic and moral leadership one may encounter in that profession. The young woman we interviewed has a good understanding of higher education in the administrative setting. She has over ten years of professional experience in student affairs. As it turned out, she is continuing her education in pursuit of becoming a Director of Admissions at HBCU.

Daniel Goleman (2014)demonstrates in his article, “What make a Leader?” he attempts to emphasize the traits of a leader. Many of these elements such as motivation, self-awareness, and self-regulation were qualities associated with the interviewee. In the interview she shared her career aspirations, “My personal goals are to complete my master’s degree and move in to a senior level position in admissions at an HBCU. I assess my performance by remembering from where I began. When I completed my undergraduate degree I was unsure of my career goal. As I move forward in my graduate degree and work journeys, I am reminded of how much knowledge I’ve gained since my beginning” The interviewee demonstrates her motivation, she is willing to achieve and go beyond the expectations of her job expectations. As the author states, “..those with leadership potential are motivated by a deeply embedded desire to achieve for the sake of achievement” (p. 99). Our interviewee loves her job and she is following her passion by pursing and earning the necessary credentials to pursue
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Transformational leadership introduces and advances new cultural forms. It fosters the creation of a more enduring bond between leader and follower as they move each other toward higher levels of motivation and morality
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