The Importance Of Environmental Protection On The Environment

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Corporations, governmental agencies, and civil society organizations all play different roles in either supporting or impeding our efforts to solve environmental concerns. These organizations have the ability to alter the way individuals, communities, and societies decide to respond to the environmental issues that influence our way of living. As corporations remain obscure on their true intentions and business models we are witnessing a lack of trust in our government agencies and a mass increase in grassroots organizations and social movements. All of these factors have an impact on the consumer and give cause to growing fear around safety. Although corporations and government agencies are a mere reflection of the consumer, too commonly the…show more content…
As the lack of transparency from corporations and government agencies continues to grow, and social movements head the importance of dealing with environmental issues, we see the consumer become increasingly worried about their safety. This concern leads to a theory called the inverted quarantine developed by Andrew Szasz in his book, Shopping our Way to Safety: how we Changed from protecting the environment to protecting ourselves. Szasz explains that an inverted quarantine is a societal response to fear of harming the environment. This fear takes the shape of protecting oneself through consuming “safe” items, rather than protecting oneself through creating change in the system that poses a threat (Szasz, 2007). A reason why we are driving ourselves towards a society that is so undesirable is there is a lack of political and moral responsibility in dealing with these environmental issues. If the government will no create policies towards protecting our society, we will begin to protect ourselves. To overcome this we must educate ourselves and begin to take action in a system that so desperately does not want us to. Developing our understanding of neoliberalism, natural capitalism, and the ecological modernization theory will allow our society to develop in a way that benefits both our economy and the environment. We can strengthen our action through knowledge of issues and action strategies. I believe a paradigm shift is possible if we become an active democracy that questions the true intentions of corporations and government agencies and participate in social movements that place a high demand on the health of our

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