The Importance Of Environmental Initiatives

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Manufacturing sectors have experienced a dramatic increase in adoption of lean six sigma activities over the past decade. Many environmental professionals view the increased popularity in Lean six sigma activities as an opportunity to reduce our environmental impact and sustain our environment for future generations.

This literature review outlines why environmental professionals want to learn more about lean six sigma initiatives and how integrating both initiatives can deliver greater environmental results.

Environmental Opportunities:

Environmental management has expanded from a focus on regulatory compliance to addressing pollution at the source. A huge factor in the transition to a more environmentally aware society is the significant efforts made by environmental professionals in promoting environmental friendly initiatives.

The four key areas, which environmental professionals have been promoting, to improve both economic and environmental results are outlined below.

1. Environmental tools and expertise – These tools assist organization’s in achieving improved environmental efficiencies along with developing a environmentally sustainable organisation.
2. Environmental Management Systems – Establish environmental methods and procedures for managing an organisations environmental impact while promoting continuous improvement.
3. Organisations are continuously seeking processes and ways in which they can incorporate environmental sustainability to their business strategy and operations.

Despite significant environmental management improvements further efforts could be made to reduce the impact of the manufacturing industry.

Generally continuous improvement projects require capital investment and draw on ...

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...d energy consumption, is a key issue that Lean fails to address.
 Lack of integration between lean operations and environmental practitioners. The lack of integration can cause process improvements to become environmentally non-compliant.
 Lack of collaborative knowledge sharing amongst Lean and Environmental practitioners.

Literature Conclusion:

Environmental and Lean initiatives have similar goals of achieving continual improvement success and the reduction of waste produced. However the scope of what encompasses waste to a process differs between environmental management systems and Lean wastes. Building off this literature review I will assess the Yellow Belt training program, implemented by Merck Sharp & Dohme, and assess whether there is a need to develop an environmental awareness section based off projects conducted by certified yellow belts on site.
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