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For Pete’s sake, you've been learning how to read and write ever since the first day of school. And yet what's the one course that almost every first year student in every college and university required to take? That is correct, freshman composition, which means more reading and writing. Why, after all the practice, should you have to take yet an additional English course? You clearly know how to read and write. You might not even have the intention of majoring in literature or creative writing. You may also think that English has little to do with the real world or future profession. Well, think again. There are countless reasons to take freshman composition seriously. English class will definitely help you prepare for college level reading and writing coursework.
Taking English composition classes can be very helpful in learning to meet college level writing expectations. Student’s achievement in college is largely determined on how well you can read, understand, and remember the texts you’ve read and on how effectively you can express that knowledge in writing. In both college and work, you'll be called on to write in different formats for a wide range of audiences and for a variety of purposes. For example, Queens College requires 2 writing intensive courses, and 2 additional English courses. At first I thought to myself, why do I need to take that many English courses? But at the end I realized that the benefit is all mine to take. Taking an English course will help you become a more skilled writer that can meet the particular needs of all your readers. Writing isn't just for English majors. English class can prepare you to write successful papers throughout your college years. Also in nearly every major, you will need to de...

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... not, English composition classes can be fun. In colleges, these are sometimes the smallest classes available to underclassmen and are often limited in students. My English class accommodated merely 20 students. This permits you to know your peers as well as your professor. We had personal meet up sessions with the professor to discuss your personal progress in class. The professor identifies the problems you may need work on, and you can tell the professor your insight as well. It is wonderful to be able to share and communicate with your professor, not only do you focus more in class, but you tend to work harder. You're also likely to make friends, get focused attention, and receive feedback. Sometimes, mandatory composition classes are themed based, so you can choose a class that permits you to write through the lens of a topic you're particularly interested in.
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