The Importance Of English As The International Language

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It is amazing to see how English has evolved from a very small ethnic groups: Angles and Saxons in the 5th century to the largest area of speaking. It is slowly but surely spreading to the whole world wide. Currently, there are approximately 350-400 million native speaker, 1 billion people across the world uses English as their second language and maybe 1½-2 billion people can understand it and have at least some basic competence in its use, whether written or spoken.
In the era globalization, it is undeniable that the common usage of English has become the international language of the world in the many fields such as in the field of science, aviation, computing, education, politics, business and etc. English play a critical role in
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English can be easier to understand among the suppliers, buyers and intermediates. Businessmen are more likely to conduct their transactions directly rather than rely on interpreters. Many U.S. and Europe companies have moved their production facilities to other countries like Asian to expand their business. There is a numerous of Asians are attending college in the United States and Europe country. These circumstances have served to improve the use of the English language. It is already the well path to becoming the world language and English is one of the language that totally lead to the businesses use. The use of English for the specific purpose of advertising in countries where it is not spoken as an official (first or second) language has become increasingly widespread. (Gerritsen, 2007). By studying English in promotional genres aimed at non-English-speaking target groups, students of, for example, international business communication and international marketing and communication management, increase their “awareness of the way in which English is present in the world around them” and their “understanding of how language in general, and English in particular, can be used by the business world in promoting their products”…show more content…
Much like most precepts that praise homogeneity, the one-organization one-human one- language fits-all social attitude appears to be simple. The economy-minded thinking of today recommends that this will happen progressively in multinational organizations. A typical language encourages socialization procedures, correspondence, and group building. Social character hypothesis proposes that language obstructions set limits with numerous undesirable outcomes. Also, the different options for a solitary basic language are expensive and bulky. Before making clearing determinations about English as a most widely used language, we have to think of some as inescapable drawbacks. Firstly, the status of English as a most widely used language of business. This "decision" is truly dictated by the provincial, monetary, and innovative force of English-talking nations in late hundreds of years. English as the prevailing language in IT and the general Internet is strengthening this pretty much as English is spreading by means of film, TV, and music. As an outcome, different language are vanishing speedier than at any other time, which makes language protection essential around the world as a piece of keeping up social assorted qualities. Besides that, a typical language gives individuals the fantasy of imparting viably and having the same connection and translation, notwithstanding when this may not be the

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