The Importance Of English

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Communication Is Key As of August 2015, there are approximately two billion, seven hundred seventy-nine million accounts worldwide for the eighteen most popular social media networks; over half of these accounts belong to Facebook alone (“Global”). It is clear that conversing with others is extremely important in today’s world. However, the need for communication continues to grow. In order for people to be able to communicate well with others, it is essential to learn how, and one way to learn how is by doing homework. Although some people believe that homework should be eradicated because of the stress assignments cause and time they take, English homework should not be abolished because of the importance of English in future professions,…show more content…
First, better English skills give students a greater opportunity for a job in the future, so English homework needs to be incorporated in students’ education. In today’s world, companies are looking for employees who have good English competence (“Importance”). On a résumé, “if you don 't write clearly and concisely, they 'll worry about how you 'll communicate once on the job” (Green). Hence, having good skills in English gives students who learn from their English homework an advantage over those who do not know the language well or do not practice it often. Second, English proficiency gives people greater opportunities for being elevated to higher positions in the workforce. As it was stated earlier, companies value the knowledge of English in their employees. Thus, it is easier for those who are proficient in the language than those who are not to receive a promotion (“Importance”). Third, many jobs now require a great deal of writing, so English homework should not be eradicated. Therefore, because of the value English holds in getting a job, being elevated to higher positions, and the writing that many jobs now require, English homework should not be

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