The Importance Of Empowerment In Social Work

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should be empowering, by so it provides resources, a relationship and sets the tone which people can enhance their own lives. It’s important for clinical social workers to emphasize on the clients strengths, positive reframing, and the use of language of solutions to guide clients in the direction to point out strengths and resources that are necessary for solving their problems and reaching their goals (Greene, Lee, & Hoffpauir, 2005). Dubois states, “a conceptualization of empowerment social work as a social justice contract requires a core of ethical preferences that gives due consideration to both the clinical and critical dimensions of empowerment social work” (Dubois, 2007). To approach their clinical work from an empowerment perspective,…show more content…
By empowering clients it may change their way of thinking, manage relationship in their life and the way they interact in their social environment (Walsh, 2013). Social workers help clients become aware of the conflicts with themselves and their surroundings that oppress or limit them and help clients become better able to free themselves from those constraints (2013). Those there are also limitations to empowerment practice. Clients may rely on the social worker’s guidance to seek solutions for their problems, referencing the social worker as an expert. Most importantly, a social worker cannot empower their clients if they themselves don’t have power. Social workers must have respect and influence among their peers in the service professions (Walsh,…show more content…
They are educated and license professionals who had the proper training. License Clinical Social Workers also undergo hours of supervision by another License Clinical Social Worker. Clinical Social Work Practice focuses on both the people and the social environment, providing services that consist of assessment, diagnosis, treatment, including psychotherapy, counseling, client-centered advocacy, consultation, and evaluation. Social workers value the principles of the code of ethics while practicing in this profession. They focus on the client’s well-being while using strength perspective and empowerment to uplift clients and to help the clients focus on their goals. Social workers do justice when it comes to providing services for clients to alleviate the problems in their lives in efforts to finding a
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