The Importance Of Empowerment In Public Policy

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1. By whom and what means can bureaucrats and bureaucracies be held accountable for in public policy? Congress keeps an eye on things. To minimize such risks, the government must somehow rein in the bureaucracy. Bureaucratic accountability which is the ability of the government, especially the president, Congress, and the courts to hold the bureaucracy responsible for it performance and its actions (study,com). 2. What is public policymaking? Policy refers to a broad statement that reflects future goals and aspirations and provides guidelines for carrying out those goals Hill (1993: p.47) defines as the product of political influence, determining and setting limits to what the state does. Public policy to be more precise, when a government…show more content…
How can empowerment in community help shape public policy? The first thing is what empowerment is. Empowerment is about increasing people’s capacity and willingness to influence decisions that affect the quality and delivery of services provided by government and others. For communities to have a real and lasting influence on decision-making, capacity-building within the communities (Gregson, Rachel with Court, Liz (2010). What is the difference between systemic and institutional agendas? The institutional agenda is basically an action agenda and thus will be more specific and concrete in content than a systemic agenda. An institutional agenda does not guarantee that a topic will be acted up. And systemic agenda is essentially a discussion agenda most of the items. Systemic agenda as they define it consists of all issues that are commonly perceived by members of the political community as meriting public attention and as involving matters within the legitimate jurisdiction of existing governmental authority. Give an example of each. Example for systemic agenda is drug abuse and environmental protection. And institutional agenda is policy decisions made at a variety of points in the political system (J., Anderson page,
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