The Importance Of Empowerment In Education

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“Why do we go to school?” Is a question that is asked every day by youth all over the world. The answer to this is almost always, to get an education so we can achieve personal greatness in life. From a young age we are instilled with the thought that they only key to a better life in all aspects is through education and the more educated one becomes the more empowered. While the correlation of education and empowerment is correct, unmotivated teachers, society and media are defeating youths want to become empowered thus making education and empowerment truly a myth in modern day society. To become empowered through education, confidence is needed to help youth feel like they can use their education in real world applications. When a parent drops their child off at school, they are entrusting educators to instill not only information but also confidence. This confidence is needed to help children feel they are competent enough to learn not only basic curriculum but also feel empowered enough to use it in the real world. How can children feel comfortable enough to thrive for the achievement of being empowered in all aspects of life when there are many lack luster educators who herd children along to the next grade without even teaching them how to read. Let alone the tools needed to function as a competent citizen in society. One example comes from Mike Rose in his excerpt called “I Want To Be Average”(Rose)…show more content…
The prominent of lack luster and unmotivated teachers, the societal contradictions and hypocrisy, and the glorification of fame converge to prove the myth even more. As there continues to be the overarching theme of so many youth today not being able to achieve empowerment to become functional humans in society, there will continue to be a disconnect in society in where we create a generation of sad

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