The Importance Of Employee Relations

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Employee Relations are Keys to Success Maintaining healthy working relationships between employees and employers has many significant benefits for both parties when group cohesiveness, conflict resolution, and overall satisfaction with an organization are readily felt by meeting job expectations and creating a successful working environment. Data measured from employee surveys, which were designed to target areas employees felt needed improvement, suggested the amount of support from human resources was incongruent with meeting the needs and expectations of employees that would facilitate a healthy working environment. Improving employee relationships and fostering a positive work environment benefits all organizations by creating a network…show more content…
296). By utilizing such an approach, resources and strategies can capture and sustain a competitive advantage over other organizations (p. 296). When employees surveyed responded that there was an overall low level of support when it came to coaching, such organizational weaknesses need to be improved. Understanding the firm’s purpose is a key component to achieving such goals. When firm specific knowledge and objectives are met, human resources could be a tool to assess performance potentials and paths that allow the organization to grow with respective of the resources and capabilities of the work place. In order to meet such expectations human resources (HR) needs to conduct realistic job previews during the recruitment stage, hire personnel with good person to organizational fit, provide a good work environment/ and opportunities, and mediate conflicts between employees, their peers, and supervisors (p.…show more content…
Schmidt’s (2007) research study of workplace training, and overall job satisfaction identified employer benefits that could foster long term work related learning capacities by overcoming obstacles that limit such growth (p. 482). According to Schmidt (2007), opportunities for training and development are crucial to improving overall job satisfaction (481). By incorporating planned activities that increase job skill and knowledge, measures that would benefit employees analyzed from the firm, which reported low levels of development incentives, would reverse that process. Issues such as understanding the financial aspects of the company, technical areas, and how to facilitate change can be corrected to improve low scores. Not being able to facilitate change from within the observed organization is detrimental to conducting further research that would promote gainful collaboration, and insight to what specific needs must be
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