The Importance Of Employee Referrals

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Employee Referrals –
“An employee referral program is a recruiting strategy where current employees are rewarded for referring qualified candidates for employment. Employee referral programs are popular due to lower overall recruiting costs and a high return on investment. A successful employee referral program can also lead to higher employee satisfaction and retention rates.” (Employee Referral: What is an employee referral program? (2012, May 04). Retrieved August 21, 2016)
One of the reasons why employee referrals are important to HRM is that you get more truth information about possible candidates. As it explains (Dessler G. (2014). Working With Recruiters. Human Resource Management (PP. 140). New Jersey, NJ: Saddle River) “Current employees
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Having a good training program will help motivate employee on wanting to learn new procedures. When you have a good training program in place it helps to show your employees that you care about career development. Having a good training program in place can really help an HR department being able to promote within instead of having to for a possible external candidate. At my workplace I would have a program set up where employees would be able to come to the HR department and could be enrolled in training classes. These training classes would help teach them new procedures and techniques that would help with career development and set them on the right track. Reading on this section really made realize how big of a role that HRM has in career development. Having your manager help you with your career development is important but your manger is not always going to help you. This helped me realize why having a good training program in place can also help the employee when it comes to career development. When you are able to get those training aids it not only help you with your career development but it also helps show your manager that you are taking extra steps to help your career and this can help you when looking at getting
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