The Importance Of Employee Development In Business

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The Importance of Employee Development Customers aren’t the most important part of your business. Employee development is. Your employees are the most important part of your business. No matter what type of company, the culture and employee culture make the difference. If employees are developed to be invested in the company, it will succeed. If not, it will tie you down – and you may not even realize it. When businesses but the needs of clients and customers in front of their employees, everything suffers. It starts with picking and developing the right people and then progresses to promoting the right people. Each of these actions are huge and determine your companies immediate future. Excellent leaders create a culture where people…show more content…
The most important part of training is to get all your employees to work with the same company vision that you have. Planning how you train and develop employees is also a good time to look at the intangibles of your job. Pay and benefits are one thing but great employees need to be fully informed by their leaders and need leaders who listen as well. Employee development is the first part of building the right culture within your company. Effects of a bad employee are deeper than you think. The obvious setback is sunken time and money – but it’s much more than that. Poor employees – whether they were poorly trained or not- submarine any business. The time you or someone else spends training them can’t be taken back. Workflow interruptions happen when an employee can’t solve something on their own or does something that slows the business down. It’s usually employees that aren’t thinking for themselves enough to problem solve. Rather than doing their own work, managers or you get bogged down with your subordinate’s problem time and time…show more content…
Also, negative interactions influence people more than positive ones do, so problems get exacerbated and overshadow positive events in your company. The amount of stress this puts on you or a manager is huge. Dealing with things that interrupt the day to day flow adds to the already full plate they have. The average owner or manager spends 17 hours per week dealing with bad employees, according to Think of the amount of work you can get done in 17 hours. This is why employee development is the most important aspect of a business. One poor employee can lower everyone’s morale. When people have to pick up slack for lazy or incompetent employees, they eventually become disengaged. This wears down on your loyal and quality employees. Not only that, but employees who are invested in their company cause other employees to question their place within the company. It naturally rubs off on people. If someone is complaining or talking about the company to other employees – even if they don’t agree with what’s said, they still remember it. Then this negative moral spills over to clients and customers. This is where it is the most
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