The Importance Of Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional intelligence is how well we can handle ourselves in our relationships. It’s how well we can tune into other people and how they are feeling without them verbally telling us. Emotional intelligence is comprised of several different domains and competencies. It is understood that not all leaders have all of these sectors of Emotional intelligence, but you can still be a great leader without having all of the competencies. Emotional intelligence includes these four domains: self awareness, self management, social awareness, and relationship management. Self awareness is the idea of knowing what you are feeling and what your emotions are. Self management has to do with the idea of how you manage stress, do you fall apart under the pressure or do you keep going? When you are stressed or high strung do you say things you wish you didn’t? Social awareness has to do with your level of empathy. Can you figure out how someone or how a group of people are feeling without them verbally telling you? Lastly, relationship management focuses on your social skills. How well can you handle your relationships? Can you deal with conflict? Do people enjoy being with you? Emotional intelligence is something that can be constantly learned and developed. Emotional intelligence is something that exists in the three levels in an organization; these levels include the individual, the group, and the organization itself. This can change how people work, their efficiency, and their desire to do their job. For the individual, emotional intelligence plays an important role in developing self control. Especially as a leader in the organization, you should be able to assess how you are feeling and manage those emotions. If the leader is unable to con... ... middle of paper ... ...ganization. The members were less friendly to one another and people began to leave the organization. To me this is an example of how one person’s emotional intelligence can negatively affect a whole organization. Emotional intelligence is something that is constantly learned. You aren’t simply born with it, you have to experience it and even practice it. This is something that has been overlooked for so many years in companies even though it is one of the most crucial parts to a successful company, let alone a successful individual. Emotional intelligence, depending on how someone uses it, can affect an individual, group, or organization negatively or positively. This is such an important idea to be aware of and to be constantly working to improve. I feel that it is something that is very applicable to my future career and I am glad that I got to learn about it.
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