The Importance Of Emotion And Written Language

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part of what is known to be human nature is our ability to understand emotion, remarkably even in complex topics. Yet, emotion is often attributed to be the cause of our mistakes and fallacies, due to its unreliability. Therefore, emotion alone cannot give us knowledge though it may act as an incentive. Without reason, sense perception, and language, emotion would be meaningless and serve no purpose, especially in regards to knowledge. Even so, emotion is connected to the other ways of knowing, which is exemplified through the rationality of emotion, the effect of emotion on perception, and how humans use language to express emotion.
By first appearance, emotion and reason seem rather on different sides of the scales, with reason offering a much more certain purpose. However,
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In AP literature, I studied a British poet named Philip Larkin who transformed his thoughts and emotions into crafty works of words. From my research, I could connect the importance of language to expression. Larkin’s fear of the inevitable death was commonly expressed through his powerful diction, exemplifying how emotion and written language, specifically, are linked together. Poetry is intended to create mood with words within a certain structure and often times, connotation correlating to the expressed feelings. Without language, Larkin, and other poets for that matter, would be unable to communicate their emotions and views of their subjects. The discussion of emotions would be impossible and meaningless without a method to convey it. In addition, the same can be said about verbal language, for example, when Larkin gave a college lecture. In order to vocalize his beliefs clearly, he depends on using a specific verbal tone that will reinforce the emotion and ideas that he is attempting to communicate. Thus, it is evident that the presenting of emotive ideas is reliant on different forms of
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