The Importance Of Education Without Interest In My Life

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Throughout school, I was never sure what I would do with my life, or what I would study once I graduated. I always believed that time would help me decide what I would be destined to do. I also thought that my interests would guide me to my choice of education. In my opinion, education without interest is futile, only because without interest, you can never expect to accomplish anything. However, I do believe that if you have the interest, you are bound to strive hard enough to make yourself better at anything you do.
I have been a part of Llano ISD ever since I was in the sixth grade. I was born in Dallas, Texas and moved in the summer of 2007. It was a drastic change for me, only because I grew up in the city. When I first enrolled to the Junior High, I started to feel out of place. The first thoughts that popped in my head when I saw Llano was, "What's with all the dirt and trees? Where are all the buildings and shopping centers?" Somehow it was extremely hard to adjust to the soft serene atmosphere that I wasn't accustomed to in Dallas, but I slowly started to fall in love with ...

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