The Importance Of Education On Child Development

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Some Aha-moments I had in this week reading was, the issues families face such as poverty, healthcare, and poverty. All this issues can affect children development and I think teachers are windows that can provide access to children and families the best resources to get a better education. As an educator it is important understand the needs of children and their families, and what are the best way to help them. For example; there are children that emigrate from another country and they do not know the language, as a teacher we should find the best way to help the child understand the lessons, and learn the language. There are also issues such as hungry; a child can’t learn when they all they think about are food. As a teacher we should find…show more content…
Professionalism is what is expected of a professional, skills, characteristics, ethic, and competence. In Early childhood Equators and Larders it means that they had set high standards for children and themselves. It means that the teacher believe that all students have the ability to learn, and provide different teaching strategies to help children succeed.
3. What are the NAEYC Standards for teachers? (Briefly describe the 5 standards in your own words). How do you see them affecting your work with children and families?
The first NAEYC standard is “Promoting Child Development and Learning” as a teacher it is important to understand and have knowledge of how to promote children’s learning. Understand and have knowledge of their cognitive, physical, social and linguistic developments. What
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Review the Park University 's School for Education 's Dispositions. How do they relate to professionalism as discussed in the readings?
In Park University’s Disposition they talk about commitment, how all students are treated equally, and the help they offer to help all students learn best.
5. What is a philosophy? Describe your initial ideas surrounding children. You can do this by defining your image of children, families, teachers, and schools. By defining an image, simply record words of phrases to define

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