The Importance Of Education In Education

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Given our continuous struggles and progressions to become the “greatest” nation, the United States of America should be inhabited by some of the utmost perceptive and scholarly individuals. But are the industrial and technological advancements that are supposed to be enabling us access to knowledge quickly doing simply that – enabling us? Quintessentially, recall any single day full of effort that our colleagues, family members, friends, or ourselves didn’t need to ask any questions; recall a day that we knew all the information that we needed to know in order to act knowledgeably in our daily living. Additionally, recall a day that we didn’t once communicate through technology. Whether it be a phone call, or googling an answer to our delays,…show more content…
The popular argument that public education is a failure is not exactly erroneous. However, this failure is not because of our teachers; education systems are failing primarily due to the lack of parent participation. Many parents in our society believe it is solely the teachers job to educate their child, but if there is to be any efficacious edification of our students, there has to be a partnership of both guardian and educator to produce it. Parents commonly expect our teachers and schools to deal with the discipline of their children and to teach their children basic social and cognitive functions. Consequently, the time we spend effectively teaching skills such as the process of understanding and learning to these students has been condensed significantly. The “dumbing down” of our education system’s curriculum and objectives are evident in the comparison of what a fourth grader of our society was expected to accomplish in 1910 as opposed to 2010. A likely cause for our inferior education system is our lack of evolution, which has resulted in our less educated society. Unintelligent parents don’t value education and are uninvolved in their children’s studies, and our education system suffers because it is difficult for our teachers, alone, to enable all of our students to learn at the level they should. Furthermore, income and social class play an important role in the available quality of education for our children. There is a general correlation between our uneducated society and our poverty stricken society that is impossible for many children to surmount without the help of both of these support groups, a rarity in our society today. Some students become so far behind that our teachers lack the time and ability to support them, and they get pushed through our
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