The Importance Of Education

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Education is mandatory in ones pursuit for success. It is essential for all aspects of life. Education is the one thing that can never be taken from a person. The success rate of our young people is determined by the education they will receive. Students who are attending public schools are facing extreme obstacles in achieving basic education requirements. Outdated public policies, government budget cuts, and social/economic issues are effecting high school graduation at an alarming rate. The lack of properly education students graduating high school is causing a negative affecting our great nation. A public school policy plays a large part in how students are educated. Many school policies are outdated and should be revised. Some policies where created many years ago when laws where different and effected people of color. Many policies where created to continue to segregated after segregation laws had been passed. These policies are still being used in 2014. There are some school polices that have been implemented like safety procedures to keep students safe while at school. However, testing methods have not changed very much. The criteria of who is tested, reason for testing, and types of testing has yet to be…show more content…
Issues at home like lack of food, shelter, or a safe place to live makes going to school even more challenging. Programs like free lunch and afterschool care gives these students much needed help. Students with these types of social or economic issues will need more attention and guidance than other students. School counselors and extracurricular actives are essential to the success of these particular students. This social/ economic issue is mostly in our public schools and effects mainly minorities. However, with the right resources, these types of students can be just a successful as everyone
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