The Importance Of Eating Tebits In Ted Talk

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In the past 30 years, the global obesity rates have doubled in amount to reach 600 million. Consequently, the younger generations are becoming more vulnerable and exposed to developing diabetes and /or cancers that are developed due to unhealthy eating habits. More and more children everyday are being diagnosed with having diabetes and developing cancers. This has become a growing epidemic because the general public don't realize that their current eating habits are unhealthy for them. For example, the students at Paramount High School are part of that general public that are oblivious to accept the truth. This epidemic affects the students at Paramount High School because just like most of the world, the students are surrounded by foods that may taste good but are…show more content…
This dreadful dilemma in Paramount High School can be traced back to the reasons of students being used to the eating habits that they're parents have instilled into them, many students have the mentality of thinking that they will not acquire any disease in the future, and many students are not well informed of how to prevent these diseases and what it takes to stay healthy. For starters, the eating habits that parents have instilled into their children. It is the parents job to set a healthy example of eating habits at home so when they get to school they know how to choose the correct foods to keep their diet balanced and healthy. In Jamie Oliver’s Ted Talk, he confronts a single mother of two, whom both her children are obese. He makes her understand that she is responsible for her children being obese at such young ages, and that if she continues to fed them what she does currently, she will continue to take away many years from her children’s lives. Jamie Oliver helps this mother realize that she must make a change to her eating habits in order for her to take back many years of life that she has taken from her children’s
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