The Importance Of Eating Animal Products And Meat

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“Open your lunch boxes! Let me see that lunch kids, don’t hide” Something you would hear every single day during school before going to recess, the teachers shouted those words to check our lunchboxes to see if our mothers where sending us a complete and “balanced” meal. Everyone lined up to show that they had their portions of vegetables, fruit, a form of carbohydrates and of course, the most important one, your protein. It could be from a ham and cheese sandwich to a small milk box, but you needed to have those animal products. If your lunchbox didn’t include all of these items they would send a note back to your parents saying that they were not feeding their children properly. Until a few months ago I used to believe all of this was correct, that eating animal products and meat was the best choice for your health not only because they provided the right amount of protein and nutrients but also because these products “are” fundamental in the human diet. I grew up in a…show more content…
After finishing the first video I was so excited to continue to see more so I kept watching her whole playlist. I was thrilled, eager to try out this and see what my body would feel like and to see if my skin was going to clear out. Although I have to say I wasn’t so excited about the whole “raw” situation so I looked up just plant based diets to see if the effect was the same, whether the food was raw or cooked, so I kept looking and I found Nina and Randa, twin sisters, who had been vegan since birth. I thought what?? Is this an actual thing? Their whole diet consisted in starches, fruits and vegetables. So I watched their videos too; they had tips on how to become a vegan, how a day in their lives looked like –food wise– and what type of food to avoid. By then I was fully convinced, I knew after watching and reading this that I would see food from a whole new
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