The Importance Of Drug Tolerance

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Drug tolerance occurs when an individual is consistently exposed to a substance and over time the body adapts to the drug (Frances, Miller and Mack, 2005). The lack of response to a certain level of drug is the brain’s method of obtaining homeostasis due to the changes and irregularities occurring as a result of the substances. As a result of this occurrence in order to experience an effect, the individual must increase the intake of the substance into their body. According to Ghezzi et al. (2013), if a person who has developed a drug tolerance is unable to maintain a genetically determined level of dosage within the body, withdrawal symptomology will occur; which is the physical manifestation of the addiction.
Drug dependency is the results
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In order to accomplish this, governments either permits or forbids the sale or use of a substance. There are still many locations in the United States where it is illegal to purchase alcohol before noon on Sunday. Furthermore, governments will alter the public opinion towards drugs by using television shows, commercials and mandatory education programs in schools. This method is only useful if the public opinion is able to be swayed towards the opinion of the government. For instance, prohibition in the United States was unsuccessful due to the public’s opinion towards alcohol. Instead of obedience, the government caused dissent amongst the populous. The laws were enacted with an inability to conduct enforcement and as an unintended results caused an increase in alcohol…show more content…
Due to potential human error, the potential exists that results could be invalid (Frances, Miller and Mack, 2005). For example, during a urinalysis, there is a chain of custody, which occurs between the urine sample and the location of testing. If the sample has been tampered or custody could not be verified during the process, the sample is then rendered invalid. Furthermore, due to high risks associated with having a positive drug sample, individuals have the ability to be deceitful with their actions. There are chemicals available for purchase such as adulterants that can be utilized that will alter the reading of a drug test.
One specific factor important to understanding alcohol abuse is that it is an extremely pervasive and expense issue within the United States (Frances, Miller and Mack, 2005). Alcohol dependency and abuse is associated with approximately 26% of all criminal offenses, which occur. Although alcohol can be legally purchased, consuming greater than five drinks in one day can cause serious physical and cognitive issues. Additionally, there is a strong connection between alcohol disorders and anxiety, which is potentially the reason why individuals consume alcohol to

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