The Importance Of Dreams In College

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We all have dreams. Some of us dream of owning our own business. Some of us dream of raising a family. Some of us dream of college, of having a fulfilling career, and of being successful. Still, there are some of us that dream of going to the moon, and there are those who dream of changing the world as we know it. We all have dreams. Big or small, they are still dreams and no matter their size, they are important. For me, my dream has always been to get a college degree and enter the medical field as a Registered Nurse, but, like with most dreams, my dream is easier said than done. After my senior year of high school, I was all set to attend a four year university. I had turned in document after document to the college and had most of my…show more content…
Looking back at it now from a more distant position as years have passed since the incident, I can more easily see the university’s reasoning for denying my appeal. I understand now, as I did then, that the deadline for final transcripts is the final deciding factor for admission and that I failed to meet that deadline. I know that the consequence of missing this deadline was losing my offer of admission. But I still do not understand how the university could be so cold and heartless, showing no mercy for an error that was not made at my hands. I feel there were steps the university could and should have taken before sending that initial email that began the nightmare. For starters, my final transcripts were sent to their campus, simply the wrong address on campus. One would think if, say, the financial aid office received an envelope marked for admissions they would forward it to the correct office. This was obviously not the case, even though it is the obvious action. I also still find it quite suspicious and odd that the university required in-progress transcripts alongside my application and fully received that copy of my transcripts, but when it came to my final transcripts that were sent to the same address as the previous copy, the final copy was a disappearing

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