The Importance Of Drama In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Everybody loves drama. Drama keeps people interested and sucks people in. A good place to start if you want to see an abundance of drama is in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Countless authors have written Shakespeare and whether he should be taught to teenagers. One author, Shelina Zhara Janmohamed, wrote “On Love and War, Iraq Learns From Shakespeare” about how Shakespeare has helped Iraqis and how they connected with Shakespeare. Another author, Stephen Marche wrote “ How Shakespeare Changed Everything” about how Shakespeare had a great impact on the world. A famous actor named Kevin Spacey gave a speech named “Nancy Hanks Lecture On Arts and Public Policy” about how Shakespeare has influenced the arts to become what it is today and has helped many people. It is evident that Shakespeare…show more content…
Shakespeare is difficult to understand because his writing is considered “old English” and he wrote more than 400 years ago, however students can benefit greatly by learning the Shakespearian language. According to Petri’s article, “To make it through his works, high schoolers are forced to consult books like No Fear Shakespeare, which drains all the poetry out in hopes of making it moderately comprehensible.” Learning the Shakespearian language will keep teenagers connected to others around the world. The Shakespearian language used in Romeo and Juliet may be complicated to understand at first, but learning it will give teens a considerable advantage.
Lastly, Shakespeare should clearly be included in the 9th grade curriculum. Not only are his plays globally significant, but teenagers can also relate to his characters and they help teens understand the truth about life. Despite some people finding it difficult to understand, it will benefit them to learn the Shakespearian language. Talk to teens around you and ask them how they feel about
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