The Importance Of Domestic Violence In Modern Society

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In the traditional society, domestic violence associates with the physical injuries as a result of violence against an individual. However, in the modern society, the term domestic violence broadens to include the sexual, emotional, psychological and verbal violence against a person in a domestic relationship. The United Nations describes violence' class='brand-secondary'>domestic violence as the “physical, sexual and emotional injury transpiring in the family, involving battering, sexual molestation of female child in the household, dowry-related fury, marital rape, woman genital mutilation, and other customary practices detrimental to women, non-spouse brutality and violence associated with exploitation (Gerdes 37).” In the modern society, individuals and organizations must discourage domestic violence and instead be advocates of justice and fairness so as to foster community integrity. Organizations regard domestic violence as a crime, and…show more content…
Different nations and states have various legislation and regulations governing the handling and care of domestic violence victims and the appropriate punishment for the abusers. Accounting process involves the communication of organizational information and their economic activities to credible users such investors, creditors, management, and regulators. Learning from other people’s experience is an artificial form of wisdom and knowledge acquisition. People tend to remember experience gained from previous exposure. They are aware of the dire consequences arising from poor judgment concerning the matter hence improvement in decision-making. Gaining experience from past mistakes tends to persist compared to learning from other people’s experience. For instance, the US Congress approves fundamental laws regarding domestic violence in the Family Violence Prevention and Services Act (Agnihotri 80). To curb the vice in the society, implementation of the legislation by different states is
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