The Importance Of Discrimination In Society

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It is widely recognized that most of human interaction with the environment today is through the global forces of intensive industry and extraction. We live in a time when increased social stratification and the accompanying suffering of millions is regarded by the rich and powerful to be an economic strength, our dwindling resources an endless cornucopia, and our ailing planet a steadfast plinth on which to build our reckless ventures. Our lack of regard for the other life inhabiting our world is greatly revealing, and this behavior is likewise prevalent within the hierarchy of our own species. Discrimination in society takes many forms, but one of the most alarming is the presence of industrial pollution from petrochemical plants that is…show more content…
The work focused on a case study of the “cancer corridor” of Louisiana, where nearly a quarter of its primarily African American inhabitants lived in poverty and where 150,000 tons of air pollutants including “carcinogens, mutagens, and embryotoxins” were released each year by the industrial plants dotting the Mississippi (Bullard 732-733). This was one the first major works to recognize the existence of environmental inequality, and Bullard’s frank, scientific analysis is credited with helping to give rise to the environmental justice movement in the United States. Despite increased awareness, the conclusions imparted by Bullard 25 years ago remain a sobering reality. Today, pollution produced by the all-important petrochemical industry epitomizes environmental injustice in the United States. These petrochemical plants, whether found in rural or urban locales, are inequitably located in communities lacking political and economic power. Statistically, low-income and minority communities are exposed to more pollution than other communities and this manifests as serious disparities in health due to differing exposure among ethnic and socioeconomic

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