The Importance Of Discipline On Children

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Discipline varies within cultures as well as from generation to generation. The article “Perspectives on Discipline” by Bonnie Neugebauer, expressed the common link between parents was the desire for their children to be confident, to be outspoken and in control so they are not taken advantage of. The parents wanted their children to be self-regulated, independent thinkers and responsible individuals, respecting others and demanding respect for themselves. They were certain that if the children possessed these characteristics this would create a successful individual who is able to face life and any difficulties they may face. Parents interviewed in the article alleged that there were some similarities regarding the discipline children…show more content…
I am fair but also a structured parent and caregiver. I have rules and a solid foundation for what is allowed and what is not acceptable behavior. I do not use time outs, children do not necessarily learn from this action. I believe that the parents involved with my child care are open to incorporating my personal methods of discipline into their lives. Many times they will ask advice and willingly take it, as they see their child not experiencing behavioral problems in a group. To share a recent example: I recently hosted a sleepover, with my preschoolers and the children that had graduated into kindergarten, on a Friday evening. Our Friday evening event was followed with a Saturday matinee at a live theater presentation of “Aladdin”. Two of the parents were joining us for the performance so they met us at the daycare. As I prepared to load all the children into my van, to transport them to the theater, the children were instructed to wait on the front porch as I seated each child. While I was attending to the seating arrangements in the van, one of the parents invited the children to come to their car and get a lollipop. The children all said, “No thank you, Miss Brenda told us not to leave the porch”, the parent couldn’t help but comment on this to me. I just looked at her and said your children are very well behaved when they are with me, I can take them anywhere. Each child in my care, as well as my own child, knew if they followed the rules, there were benefits and if they chose not to follow them there were consequences. They are the ones that are responsible for making the correct choice. I followed this same philosophy with my own child and I am blessed to say his choices in high school and college have reflected

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