The Importance Of Discipline On Children

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“Spare the rod, spoil the child.” –The Bible. Discipline is a vital requirement when it comes to raising children. If they are not properly disciplined, they are not prepared for life. Some believe spanking does more harm than good, but there is a vast difference between healthy discipline and abuse. The lack of discipline in America has led to a decline in society because of a misconception about the correct way to discipline children.
I. There has been a misconception about how to properly discipline children due to secular views and flawed studies. Many of these so called “studies” have made “many experts believe that corporal punishment will likely lead to increased resistance or aggressive behavior from the child” ("Corporal Punishment." World Book Advanced). One study in particular “suggests that children who experienced harsh spanking (with objects or at a frequency of once a week or more with a hand) had significantly higher levels of mother-reported externalizing behavior at ages 6, 7, and 8 than did children who experienced no spanking or mild spanking at those ages, even controlling for prior externalizing behavior and other possible confounds.” ( Lansford ). However, aggressive behavior should be expected if a parent beats their child out of their own anger instead of a desire to better their child for the future. There are several other “studies” that claim to prove spanking increases negative behavior but they just lump them all together and say that all spanking in every form, regardless of it severity, is the same and creates worse children. “Any form of punishment, physical or otherwise, can have negative consequences if it is abused.”. (Green) If parents don’t discipline their children physically, they will ve...

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...tor of selfish, ignorant, and arrogant people. Whereas, proper spanking causes the child to look at what they have done and see that it not only affects them but others around them so that’s why it is not wise to do whatever it may be that they did.
B. People wonder why their kids act up but that’s because their “technique” is flawed.
The misconception about spanking has resulted in a lack of discipline in America causing a decline in society. The Bible and many other doctors and researchers are clear about the correct way to discipline children. When proper discipline is implemented, children are prepared for life. Spanking, like anything else, is only effective when performed properly. As long as it comes out of a heart of love, it will bear good fruit. Parents, try spanking your child the next time it’s needed; not hastily or angry, but out of love.
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