The Importance Of Diplomacy And Foreign Policy

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In the field of foreign affairs, the using terms of foreign policy and diplomacy are related. The two terms are important topics and knowing the difference between them is very important. States cannot exist without the assistance of other state for its survival as well as development especially in such globalized situation. Due to this reason, United States use various method in tackling other countries in the international affairs. US uses diplomacy and foreign policy as one packaging to be performed in order to stimulate the relations and fulfilling the needs of its national interests. National interests of each country can be different, however in general, a country strives for sovereignty and prosperity. Foreign policy refers to the stance that a country adopts and the strategies used for the promotion of its national interest towards the relations with other countries. While diplomacy refers to a manner in which a country goes about in achieving its needs. In order to achieve its national interests, United States can use a number of strategies. Diplomacy, foreign aid, and military force are some of these strategies to implement foreign policies. Unlike in this present, in the present, powerful states including US used its military…show more content…
For China, Chinese leaders have been aware of the growing relevance and importance of cultural diplomacy,taking its unique culture and utilising platforms for cultural exchange programs, festivals, movies, music,religious forums, sports and tourism with the outside world in the 2000s, such as these new initiatives: Confucius Institute, exports of Chinese cultural products, and recently, efforts to make the Chinese media global players. Its aim has been to enhance China’s soft power and project its image of peaceful rise, also to document the main forms of cultural diplomacy encouraged and even sponsored by the state for that
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