The Importance Of Digital Retailing

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The retail industry has experienced doom and gloom since last few decades. Digital retail Renaissance is on its way, transforming the retail world linking consumer, device and data generating a smarter shopping experience. With the perfect combination of smart in-store and online outlet, retailers can enjoy a profitable commercial future in the long run.

Grabbing the Opportunity

The adaptation speed of new consumers are breathtaking. The random use of mobile, tablets and other wearable technologies is heightening every day. Traditional retailers have fast included connected retailing to make the in-store shopping experience more exciting. So, it can easily be anticipated that connected retailing will soon be the new face of the retail world.
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This can potentially increase the footfall into the retail outlet influencing the shopper to shop more! Retailers can boost the in-store apps and get access to valuable insights via mobile usage data.

Consumer Connection

Millennial are super tech savvy buyers. To engage them into a physical outlet, retailers needs to be more innovative. Simple “browse and buy” will not melt their heart.

1. Dedicated Customer Apps turn a dull retail space into an engaging, interactive, and the two-way communication hub for retailers and consumers alike.

2. Digital labels are used to identify real-time information on various products.

3. Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a new tech innovation. These are tags attached to an in-store product to transmit data about that item to nearby devices.

RFID tags on apparels allow 'virtual reality’ mirrors to display virtual images of the garments look on the customers. The customer can then share these images with friends over social media sites to get their feedback and buy according to his/her
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In a retail environment, It provides a way to deliver product information if and when the customers are close by the store and so is likely to act upon it.

Beacon Technology is also used by the retailers to stay connected to their shoppers. Retailers use Tickto to deliver automatic, personalized greeting when the consumer enters the store premises.

To get the accurate customer feedback, beacon technology is used to ask the consumer to fill in a customer service questionnaire as they check out the store. This generates data like - how a consumer move around the store, which aisle is more shopper-friendly than others, and for how long a customer engagement is established at the store. So, you can term Beacon Technology as the "Google Analytics for the real world".

The Power Of Data Connection

Retail outlets are requiring people to register for the public WiFi service via in-store technology such as Tickto, assisting them in consumer interaction, which in turn pull out personalized data when the shoppers are in the store premises. This information is used by the retailer to deliver targeted promotional messages that could engage the consumer and boost the store
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