The Importance Of Digital And Information Literacy In Nursing

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I never really thought about technology’s role in health care until I began this course. I knew that nurses used the computer for documentation, but never really considered the abundant technology within the hospital setting. Almost everything is computerized. Nurses use computerized glucometers and patient beds, have robots referred to as “tugs” transporting the medications from the pharmacy to various floors, scan patient’s bracelets often and use a barcoding system for safe medication administration etc.
When I first heard of the title of the course, “Digital and Information Literacy,” I believed both terms to be one in the same. I was surprised to learn my very first week in the course that they are two different terms. Information literacy
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We first read numerous journal articles on a particular topic and then we would access multimedia presentations about the topic. Many of the sources were from peer reviewed journals dated within the last five years. We were also encouraged to seek out and cite additional accurate sources in order to enhance our discussions and provide a unique perspective. Students learned from each other in the online community by reading and responding to other students’ posts. We also learned about digital citizenship in the course and applied this knowledge to our interactions within the online community. We were respectful of other’s contributions, thoughts or ideas and determined the importance of using standardized terms to express ourselves. In order to make our ideas comprehensible to everyone, we were to avoid the use of slang and informal text language. Focusing on a universal language in the online community helped to convey the importance of using standardized terms in the health care setting. In a computerized world without the ability for expressions, gestures, or explanations and with the increasing number of people coming into the United States from differing nationalities and backgrounds, it is crucial the we have a common language to avoid…show more content…
Many schools are not adequately preparing students in regards to information literacy and digital literacy. This is unfortunate, as many institutions are seeking out and preferring to hire BSN students due to their knowledge of informatics.
There are so many technological advances already in the health care field and more are expected in the coming years. Telehealth, or the ability for a physician to have a consult with a patient in a remote location via computer is a growing field. I learned a lot about this subject as it was the topic for my Power Point presentation for this course. I used information from current journals to support my ideas and even incorporated audio, visual media, and hyperlinks into my presentation.
Advances in nanotechnology, wearable computer devices, apps for smartphones etc. are just some of the technology that will revolutionize health care. However, with technology comes potential risks to patient safety, privacy, and confidentiality. Weaknesses must be considered in the system in order to prevent HIPPA violations, cyberterrorist threats, or hackers that may alter patient information (Katona,
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