The Importance Of Dealing With Conflict

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Dealing with conflict is one of the important concepts that we have to confront in society. Working through issues of disagreement is a necessity, especially at work. Handling conflict and developing proper conflict resolution methods can lead to a productive and enjoyable work environment. The healthcare field, as enlightened and educated as its people may be, has the same disagreements and arguments found in any work place. As providers, it is their duty to resolve issues in a professional manner to reflect positive on their facility. Properly negotiating difficult situations can help people grow. Learning to deal with unpleasant predicaments, rather than avoiding, is crucial.
Conflicts arise from differences in perspectives. It can be
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Resolving conflicts is one of the important skills that has been underdeveloped for those who enter the profession. In some cases, conflicts are swept aside as an inconvenience to the flow of work. Dealing them is the highest form of professionalism. With all of the activities of the day, these unwanted distractions are an interference. Taking care of a conflict with a current patient is usually not on the schedule. A pause and time for reflection can go a long way in being prepared to be of maximum assistance regardless of the issue.
It is important to adjust and be flexible in the constantly changing medical industry. There are continually needs to be resolved. An issue may consist of an irate patient complaining about a procedure or diagnosis. In confronting such complaints, it is necessary to act calmly and put the patient at ease. Facilities are always competing for patients and recognition. The ability to adapt and adjust in the face of an emergency is essential regardless if it is a dissatisfied patient or someone needing immediate
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Patients need to be heard without interruption when explaining their concerns (Simpson, n.d.). Appropriate questions should be asked to determine all possible issues. Clear instructions using simple terms to explain procedures and treatments is essential. Questions from patients should be answered carefully and thoughtfully. The greatest error can be giving too much information or saying things that are for the doctor-patient conversation. When such issues arise, the employee should simply explain their error to their manager. The mistake of saying too much is always lurking in the background as you gain professional experience. It is important to pause and think of what has to be said to calm the patient and prepare the groundwork for the

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