The Importance Of Dance

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Ever since I was young I have always loved to dance. Dance is a very social activity that also requires physical strength and endurance. I always feel happier when I dance because it’s a great way to boost endorphins and lower stress levels. Dance has also enabled me to grow as a person both physically and emotionally. I have been dancing competitively for six years now. Throughout those years I have had amazing opportunities to meet so many inspiring people and make lifelong friends. One of my favorite parts of dance is definitely being part of a team and going to competitions, it’s so much fun! At competitions, I always get the feeling that all of my hard work has paid off. Even though it is a competition the atmosphere is still outstanding as I am surrounded by enthusiastic people who all love the same things as me. We usually do four competitions per year, one out of town and three in Ottawa or Gatineau. My dance studio enters large groups, small groups, duets, trios, and solos into each competition. At the beginning of each season, they send out an email with their selection of routines that one will be in. It's…show more content…
I was not happy and all that was going through my head were negative thoughts about how weird it was going to be. However, I did not say anything as I didn’t want to insult my teacher. I just kept repeating to myself, “actors do it all the time, it’s not weird,” but it was. I had seen others having to act as men in their solos before, I had never thought I would have to. I didn’t laugh at them or make fun of them, it just didn’t seem as weird for them as it does for me. Throughout the whole year, I had to try my best to hide my feelings about the dance. In order to do so, I would usually just laugh at myself and lighten the mood. I find it important to be able to laugh at yourself sometimes instead of being miserable or too

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