The Importance Of Cyber Security

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Today’s user is plagued with crime that is challenging to detect, constantly changing, and seemingly borderless. Also known as cybercrime, the US is attacked on a daily basis with this violation both locally and abroad. The crimes committed can include stealing proprietary secrets, fraud, national security breaches and most commonly, identity theft. As recorded in the 2009 Internet Crime Report, 336,655 cybercrime complaints were received in 2009 amassing a total loss of $559.7 million (“2009 Internet Crime Report,” 2009). Individuals, corporations and government entities are responsible for safeguarding information against these attacks. This would require laws, penalties and foreign policy to be created and upheld, the responsibility of which…show more content…
Whether the infrastructure involves a simple home network or a complicated corporate WAN (wide-area network), cyber security must always be considered. Protecting information and information systems is achieved through strong cyber security controls. Cyber security controls can be defined as any mechanism which ensures the confidentiality and security of information and information systems. Policy implementation can include, but is not limited to, training and awareness, policies and procedures, physical or logical security measures and government enforced laws. Since many organizations and individuals within the US work closely with intellectual property and national secrets, it is the responsibility of all parties to protect this…show more content…
In many cases, these contracts require security clearance and involve the release of national secrets to the elected company. Since many corporations have close relationships between trade and national secrets, the responsibility exists to protect information. Each organization is responsible for managing and protecting their IS security and is obligated to ensure a sound IS security plan. This plan requires companies to conduct a risk and vulnerabilities assessment to fully understand where security threats may reside. Maintaining information confidentiality is extremely important as failure to properly enforce the organization’s security plan may result in security breaches. Companies must strive to ensure they are deploying proper logical and physical security controls to combat cyber security attacks. Regardless of how close or how far removed from national secrets an organization is, every company has a responsibility to be good keepers of all information they are trusted with. Failing to keep trade secrets, intellectual property and national secrets safe could have a detrimental effect on the safety of the
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